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Ben Kissel – Podcaster, Comedian, Writer, Politician A Renaissance Man

Ben Kissel - Podcaster, Comedian, Writer, Politician A Renaissance Man

Ben Kissel Fox News

Podcaster/comedian/writer/politician a Renaissance Man. His podcast « Last Podcast on the Left », for he’s a co-creator and co-host, won a Webby and has been listed as one of Itunes Top 10 most downloaded comedy podcasts of 2017 with more than a million readers. He is also the host of the political comedy podcast « Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat ».

In 2017 Ben ran for Brooklyn Borough President with the Reform Party, which he did not win, but there is always tomorrow! He is a political pundit with appearances on CNN, Fox News Network, HLN and a nationwide radio host having labored on Sirius Radio and Fox News Radio. In 2015 as a political activist he was able to overturn an anti-cross grooming legislation in New Jersey.

The Last Podcast on the Left is a weekly podcast featuring singer and comedian sponsor Ben Kissel, podcast producer and writer Marcus Parks, and comic and actor Henry Zebrowski (who combined in the next episode), all of whom are longtime friends.

Released each Friday, the episodes are normally 1 hour in length, together with the hosts investigating the horrors of the world both real and imagined. Past episodes have researched the topics of serial killers, conspiracy theories, UFO sightings, ghosts, and readings of fan-submitted creepypastas. Kissel, Parks, and Zebrowski tour with live performances of the podcast and produce The Last Stream on the Left, a live-streaming spinoff show about the Adult Swim site.

From the post-Trump era, with a reality TV celebrity holding our nation’s highest office, tales like Kissel’s are becoming more common — droves of young people are getting involved and seeking public office. On the one hand, the 2016 election showed us that applicants do not have to be capable to win. On the flip side, it was a rude awakening that the dissatisfied need to take politics into their own hands.

Input Ben Kissel. At his « day job, » Kissel — along with co-hosts Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski — hosts a true-crime-meets-paranormal comedy podcast. Last Podcast on the Left is ranked second on iTunes’ comedy graph and attracts fans across the world. But like most dismayed young Republicans, Kissel chose 2016 as a wake-up telephone to run for office.

As someone who’s been listed in podcasts and on the radio for eight years, Kissel acknowledges that a great deal of individuals wait to run for office for fear of criticism or having their previous vulnerable. His advice? Own it. In the end, he says, everybody has their own past, and so long as you « deal with the voters with humanity and respect, » voters can « accept each of the defects which go with that individual, as long as that individual is ready to accept them. »

Like the offenders he covers on Last Podcast, Kissel says with a laugh, « lots of politicians are sociopaths without a moral compass. Obviously not all of them, but we need the people who have scruples, morals, and are concerned about their own failings. »

For someone who confronts the worst of humankind with dark humor in his day job, 6’7″ tall Kissel truly feels in the finest of individuals. He believes in redemption, sincerity, and good intentions. These traits might seem just as odd in a true-crime aficionado as they do at a politician, but they’re the same traits that provide a youthful, non-politician the unique capability to serve the public. Regardless of what happens on Tuesday there is no losing. « The fact that we are on the ballot is unbelievable, and that we are able to inspire people to conduct or engage in the political process — that is a win. That’s a gigantic triumph, » he says.

Kissel needs other people to take heart in this message, too: « Losing is a significant fear for individuals, but who cares! Just get out there, and if you continue getting out, keep doing this in virtually any field, you are gonna win. »

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