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Proper Use Of A Shaving Brush

Proper Use Of A Shaving Brush 9661140tcn

There was a time when all men had to worry about with their skin was when they shaved. It was a rite of passage. You watched your father shave when you were a little boy and then anxiously awaited that first hair to sprout out on your chin. Sometimes it was a macho thing. I remember my grandfather used water and an old Gillette safety razor to scrape the hair off of his face. No lather, no after shave, just water. My uncle, on the other hand was a little more in step with the times, he used shaving soap with a brush and patted his face with a liberal amount of Old Spice. I remember the distinct pungent, spicy smell whenever we visited his house. Later, he would even go as far as using an electric razor.

For a man who travels, a toiletry bag is an absolute requirement. It tucks all of his personal toiletries in a neat bag that goes inside a suitcase or carry-on bag and will not leak anything on the other contents. Upon reaching his destination it is simple to simply sit the small bag on a counter and it is ready for use the next day.

Alexander the Great was a strong advocate of shaving. Mosaics from the 4th century BC portray him as a youthful, clean-shaven figure. He almost certainly influenced the generals and commanders of his army to slap on some best shaving soap and scrape off their beards. They may well have been the first clean-shaven fighting force in history.

Personal taste is also important when choosing an organic soap. The scent should be something that you like. People prefer having a unique, sweet smelling scent when they are buying soap. If scent is vital, then choose organic soap with ingredients that will leave a sweet scent after you use. Some people are allergic to scent, therefore an unscented soap is ideal. It is possible to get a best shaving soap soap that is made from natural ingredients that nurture the skin and have no scent.

To complete Corporate Dad’s look he needs a briefcase-but not just any briefcase. While he may not admit it, you’ll recognize the twinkle in his eye when he opened a package and smells the smooth calf skin leather of his new luxury briefcase, like the one from Pierre Cardin.

Dads dislike getting caught in unforeseen weather like the rest of us. They also like to know when the weather is going to be nice so they can fit in a round of golf. Get him the wireless weather station from Brookstone to keep Dad up to date with real-time reports received via radio signals from AccuWeather. No wiring, computer, or TV required!

Researchers say that skin care is part of the new attitude that men have about their health. They go to the gym to make their bodies look better, so why not take care of the face? Somehow I think it would have been a hard sell to convince my grandfather though.

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